Solventless Vape

.5g Cartridge (510)
Each Lab Solventless cartridge is made using premium flower, harvested by hand and freshly frozen to preserve all of the qualities of this amazing plant. The flower is then submerged in a freezing water bath and agitated, which results in all the cannabinoid-rich trichomes being released from the plant. This cannabinoid-rich mixture is then pressed with heat and force to produce the highest quality, most sought-after form of concentrate available. No chemicals or solvents are used in this extraction.

Solventless Concentrate

1g Jar
The Lab Live RSN 1.0g concentrate is produced utilizing only the forces of nature: Flower, Water and Heat. Live RSN is one of the highest quality, and most sought after form of concentrate products available today. Purity Perfected!

Solventless Process

Learn more about how we produce this premium, pure and innovative cannabis extract in this short video.

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